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Who Am I? 

My husband, Doug and I have four adult children and currently reside in the United States.

An avid reader, I love helping others present a polished story free of errors. A lover of people, I view lies the same way I view grammatical errors, they hinder the flow of a well written story. You are God's masterpiece. A story He wrote before the beginning of time. The lies we knowingly or unknowingly believe to be true about ourselves are errors that once removed allow us to fully partner with Divine Love in writing our own personal story in the textbooks of history. Because of that, I pursue friendship with people the same way I pursue editing - passionately, with attention to detail, quality time, all while keeping the unique expression of individuality at the forefront of my mind.

Felicia Murrell, 
 Copy Editor 
Master Life Coach

Helping others polish the beauty of their story.

  Client awarded the 2015 Emma for Inspirational Romance of the Year

  Client's book listed as #1 on the Black Christian Network News bestseller list.

  Another client's book listed as #2 on the Black Christian Network bestseller list. 

  A client has been nominated for Christian Fiction Writer of the Year with AAMBC Literary Awards