The Bee Company

Prices & Services
​I endeavor to provide my clients with quality service at a great price with an efficient turnaround pace. Turnaround time varies per project and is determined by the size and scope of the editing project. A minimum 50% deposit is due up front via Zelle or CashApp. PayPal is also accepted but client is responsible for additional fees. I'm happy to provide you with a free sample edit of the first 500 words of your manuscript. Please Note: I reserve the right to add a surcharge for rewrites and/or substantive editing that exceeds the scope of editing as detailed below. I also retain the right to reject a manuscript.

Proofreading   $0.010 per word
When proofreading a manuscript, I am primarily checking for typographical errors as well as, errors in spelling, and punctuation. I will also identify and correct missing words that interrupt the flow of the story.  
​Copy Editing     $0.012 per word 
In addition to the services offered with proofreading the manuscript, attention is given to style, consistency. accuracy, identifying and correcting grammatical errors, word usage, idioms and linguistics. 
Let's Get Started
  • Email me a Microsoft Word document of your manuscript, single spaced at along with your contact information and which service you would like.
  •  After reviewing your manuscript, I will provide you with an editorial agreement that includes the Cost of Service. 
  • Receipt of minimum 50% deposit of the agreed upon cost of service constitutes agreement of editorial terms and will initiate the editing contract. 
  • Manuscripts are edited using the MS Word Track Change Feature. 
  • This allows you to see and approve any edits before they are inserted into your manuscript. 
  • Once you have reviewed the edited manuscript and accepted the changes, you will email the document to me again for one final edit. If payment has not been received in full, remaining balance for cost of service is due via PayPal prior to receipt of edit for review.