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​I've used Felicia for several of my projects and each time I am impressed with her work ethic. Felicia is quick, fast, accurate and has an eye for detail. She is a pleasure to work with.
~Michelle Lindo Rice, Author
What Others Are Saying...
​I was a bit nervous about Felicia doing my editing, because I did not know her. But if I am honest, it was the best decision ever. She is so sensitive. And she does not change the book. If she changes something ( with your permission) she keeps it in your own style. I really feel honoured that she edited my book. Because of her, my book is now complete. Thanks again Felicia.
~Nina, Dutch Author of From Cocoon to Butterfly

Every writer needs a personal team of people that they can depend on to give them the best quality services to support their career. Felicia has become one of those people for me. Her attention to detail, her quick turn around time, and the respect she shows for my project makes her an editor that I am happy to work with and who I have already recommended to others.
~Rhonda Bowen, Author
Felicia Murrell is a gifted and experienced professional. Her copyediting service turned a good story into a great book that received a glowing review on USA Today. I needed an expert grammarian, who pays attention to details. I’m glad to say my search is over. Felicia’s expertise is the best thing that ever happened to this writer. I highly recommend her. 

~Rhonda McKnight, 2015 Emma Award winning author and Black Expressions Bestselling Author of Unbreak My Heart, Breaking All The Rules and An Inconvenient Friend. 
Publishing Manager, Brown Girls Faith/Brown Girls Books